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Pass the CHT Exam or your
money back!

CHT Practice Exam

It's no secret that the CHT Exam is tough! After this practice exam you'll know how you are going to perform on the real thing. Our questions are just like those on the real exam BUT every question comes with detailed explainations and up-to-date referencing. Avoid failing the CHT exam. Get the knowledge and practice to be confident walking into your exam. There is no better way to prepare for the CHT Exam than to actually take it! This practice exam mimics the CHT Exam as closely as possible. It has the same breadth and difficulty of questions as the actual exam. It's timed at four hours though you can save your progress and come back if you need. You can try the exam 3 times and it's available for 365 days from purchase. After the exam, you will receive detailed feedback on your performance including your score, how you did against different knowledge areas as well as detailed feedback and references for every question. There is no better way to prepare for the CHT Exam than to actually take it.

USD 97.00

Best Value CHT Practice Exam

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Why take a practice exam?

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Find your strengths and weaknesses

Our practice exams will show you knowledge areas you are strong in and ones that need some work. This allows you to focus your studies for the actual exam!


Prepares you for exam conditions

How do you do in high-stress exam situations? Most people struggle. Our exams simulate the actual CHT Exam as closely as possible and include a count-down timer. Train how you need to perform on the day!

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Thorough references for every question

Our exams are based on the latest research and have the most up-to-date referencing for every question. This means you can follow up on any areas of incertainty and perform on the CHT exam with confidence.

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Did you know the HTCC surveys newly-qualified CHTs?

Here's some key findings from the last survey...

Study time

Most people who passed the exam studied for at least 7 months and 250+ hours.

Types of study

90% of people who passed primarily did self-paced, independant study.

Pay rises

CHTs, on average, earn an extra 18%! 

Study materials

The most popular resources to prepare for the exam were books,

CHT exam-specific courses and exams.


Our Standards

Our number one priority at CHT Study is providing the most accurate exam preparation with comprehensive feedback on each question. 

We also care about your hip pocket! We guarantee that our exams are the cheapest you'll find. Find them cheaper elsewhere? Contact us and we'll beat it.


My experience sitting the CHT Exam

"So I prepped for around 8 months. Primarily using the purple book, a few group study sessions and practice exams. Now, I usually freak out at big, high pressure things like this. But on the day of, I guess I was actually quite confident, which felt kind of strange. Don't get me wrong, I still got a little nervous, but nothing like the giant butterflys I would usually have."

"I'll never forget walking out of the exam room. It was a feeling of excitement mixed with anticipation to see my actual result. I was so sure I'd passed (and passed well). Looking back at the grind of the last 8 months, the study, the extra hours. It was all so worth it. It was like a huge weight was removed and I'd become something new. Something higher, something better."

Catherine Jenkins, CHT. 

About Us

CHT Study is owned by a small team of CHT-qualified occupational therapists. We have sat the CHT Exam numerous times and helped many people achieve the highest scores on their first try. 

At CHT Study, our mission is to provide highly accurate CHT practice exams at the best prices. We started this site because we had paid the (very high) prices of our competitors in our own study for the CHT Exam. We also found that, along with essential texts (such as Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 4th Ed) the most effective study was to do practice exams. 

As a CHT candidate, we know you are a professional and are commited to your ongoing education. We respect your professionalism and experience in the industry.

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